Reminiscence Session

A big thank you to the 26 dock workers who attended the session at the Museum of London Docklands.

The session was introduced by Danny Freeman, Unite Education Officer and began with everyone introducing themselves with a short biography of their time on the docks and accompanying trades.

This was followed by a general discussion of what life was like on the docks peppered with many stories both humorous and poignant.

We were keen to find out what the dock workers thought were the most important issues and themes they wanted to get across to the young film-makers and we took notes of these.


  1. Interesting. I lived in Poplar/Limehouse and worked for the National Dock Labour Board in the early 60’s, initially at the Lighterage ( “bombing-on”) Office & then Southern Region Internal Audit Team.
    Brian Holmes is instantly recognisable , I knew his brother Raymond better and Brian is a similar age to me - probably now 75 or 6
    He may not remember me because I left the East End ,to go a-roaming in 1966, but if he’s still around give him my kindest regards
    Davi Rayner


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